So I got my first review for Carousel!!!! Please read about it here:

John Mendoza – Carousel

Guitarist John Mendoza was on a roll when he crafted his latest work Carousel. It’s a well-produced, tuneful, pop-rock record with heavy guitar that draws from his Alt-Rock, Brit-Pop, Power-Pop and Metal influences. Killer riffs and catchy choruses permeate these nine radio friendly songs with subject matter ranging from girl trouble to broken hearts. Carousel’s clear contemporary production highlight Mendoza’s tight musicianship and lush harmonies. Having played all the instruments with the exception of drums, Mendoza also sings every note with zeal. He also produced and arranged all the music to marvelous effect.

Highlights include, “I Was Ok,” “Teen Idol #1” and the heavenly sounds of the instrumental track “Everything.” Carousel is Mendoza’s personal diary set to music with big sing-a-long choruses, acoustic underpinning and blazing guitar solos. His lyrics tell the story of that big fat tumultuous thing called life. John Mendoza’s Carousel is a great cruising in your car record with big time head bobbing appeal and a real gift for lovers of catchy Contemporary Pop-Rock.

Oscar Jordan
Music Connection Magazine