Here's a little info about me....

About John's music:

As a songwriter... I feel that there's nothing more important than writing a song that not only means something to me, but others can relate to and remember after they hear it... whether it's pop, rock or ballad driven... I want people to relate to the music.

As a guitarist... I enjoy showing off my skills by blazing away with wizardry and competence

The end result: Catchy pop rock songs drawing from multiple genres of influence producing music that is familiar, but not rehashed... original, but not too "foreign". The songs are filled with memorable hooks, driving beats and insightful lyrics about romance, relationships and life experiences. Incorporated into the radio ready music is high musical competance and refreshing solos... but most importantly... the song is about THE SONG itself.

Currently, I'm working on a few different projects. I'll be recording stuff soon and will be updating the website accordingly!!!